Car Insurance

Cars / Utes / Motorhomes / Caravans:

  • Full cover including liability, covering damage to own vehicle and also third party.
  • Excess varies with age, type of vehicle and prive of vehicle.
  • Premiums vary with experience, age and past insurance history.
  • Some companies offer rental extensions to cover cost of rental vehicle when vehicle is damaged by fire or accident.

Classic Cars / Hot Rods:

Special cover for these vehicles which normally would not exceed 5,000 km per year.

Third Party or Third Party Fire & Theft:

  • Covering damage to other persons vehicles or property.
  • No cover for damage to your own vehicle except if insured for fire and theft, when cover is extended for those two occurrences.
  • Excess depends on age and experience.
  • This cover is generally designed for the lower value vehicles and subsequent premium savings.

Motor Bikes:

Full cover or Third Party available for on road motorbikes, underwritten by specialised bike insurer.

Caravans / Mobile Vans:

  • Full cover including screens and extended to cover contents of the van.
  • Standard excess applies except for high value vehicles.